The Zone Super Smoother is a unique cooling silky gel serum with amazing anti-ageing action. Designed to smooth the skin's surface, and impart essential mo

This "turbo cosmetic" concept focuses on "skin resurfacing", which will literally smooth and resurface the skin.

A unique combination of powerful new peptides, including hexapeptides, tetrapeptides and pentapeptides with platinum nanotechnology.

A special formulation containing the universal anti-oxidant plus Vitamin C helps slow the ageing process by protecting against free radical damage.

Concentrated alpha lipoic serum for skin rejuvenation. To be used in conjunction with appropriate RégimA day and night products.  

Facial treatment focusing on anti-ageing, regenerating, detoxifying, toning and promoting more even skin colour and focusing on skin health.

Facial treatment stimulates your own body to produce healthy collagen as found in young skins. Helps fill in wrinkles in depth with resultant plumping.

Super firming and deeply nourishing twice daily preparation for the neck area which quickly shows signs of neglect and ageing.

Contains a very high percentage of Hyaluronic Acid, the most space filling substance in the human body.

Contains the highest percentage of Plant Stem Cells. Stimulates duplication of human skin stem cells. Replenishes, regenerates and aids repair.

Targets under eye area. Myorelaxor, helping relax muscles, focusing on expression wrinkles (aiding Botox effect). Anti-puffiness. Anti- dark circles.  

Facial treatment focusing on decreasing the amount of moisture lost through the skin, whilst improving tissue elasticity.
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