YOUNG NAILS - LA BEAUTE SKIN BODY - Doringkloof, Centurion



Full Set With Colour Overlay                                 R400

Full Set  (French)                                               R450

Fill  (French)                                                      R330

Fill With Colour                                                  R310     

Overlay With Colour                                           R350

French Overlay                                                   R370

Young Nails Buff & Glaze                                   R170

Finger Nails Soak                                               R90

Soak Toes                                                          R70

Soak Acrylic                                                        R130

Electric Buffer                                                     R100

File and Paint                                                     R120

Nail Art (Per Nail)                                                        R15

Nail Repair                                                         R40

Freehand Nail Art                                               R30 -R65

Stencil Nail Art                                                    R10


Acrylic System

Designed to work together chemically, Young Nails' Acrylic Resin System was created with exact particle blend technology that gives you flawless consistency and superior adhesion.  It's self-levelling and requires minimum filing.  The low odour, non-yellowing liquid provides colour, strength and flexibility. When used with our powders, you've got what it takes to turn out the most consistent, smooth, creamy and efficient work in the shop


Synergy Gel

Technically advanced and easy to use, our Synergy Gel system is the only choice of nail techs around the world.  The molecular process enables Chain Entanglement Technology to deliver superior adhesion and strength with virtually no heat transfer.



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