Tinting is dying your brows/lashes to get a color that: suits your skin tone, brings out your eyes and matches your hair color no matter what shade you decide to dye it. Brow/lash tinting has been around for many years and has proven to be a great success in the beauty industry. This technique enhances the brows and adds shape to your face! In terms of the lashes it brings out the color of your iris and reduces the amount of mascara ones uses. Defining your brows/lashes can really change your image. This technique is becoming more and more popular.


The Benefits of Tinting

  • Taking care of your brows/lashes can frame ones face giving you a polished look.
  • Flexibility: in terms of being able to go from a blonde to a brunette without anyone knowing your secret. (Can’t have brown hair with blonde brows?)
  • Make brows/lashes more visible which can define your face.
  • No more penciled in brows that can wear off through the day or night leaving you with lighter or patchy brows.
  • It can last up to 4 weeks.

In general, a well shaped brow makes you look glamorous- unruly brows don’t!


  • The color of the tint needs to be specific to your skin tone and hair color it is always better to consult a professional in this case.
  • Dangerous effects if done at home (consult a professional):

The Ouch Factor

This is a painless process and usually takes 10 to 15 minutes



Lash Tint



Brow Tint



Brow Shape



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